I decided what

I decided to take notes in English from now on to practice it more than ever. yeah, this time I will adhere to my resolution. Why? Because I want to make sure my English ability is good enough to communicate with naitive speakers or excellent bilinguals who have a good command of English. It takes lots of time though... .

It is a hard way I think

Honestly, if I apply to PhD program in the United States and study there, I would definitely be broken my thin confidence and get injured heavily, for I'm certain that I will be freeze completely when I'm talking someone in person in English, it would be difficult to recover from the tragedy I guess. Although I think it is a good experience to face the reality about my stupidity while I am young, it's better to prepare for the truth to protect my tiny heart from them. Generally speaking, PhD students are required skillful writing ability in English, (obviously, speaking as well) because this is their job exactly to write thesis and make their arguments to contribute this world. But writing lots of documents is quite tough work especially for internatonal students in another language. It takes so many time and simply it is exhausting because they are not used to writing even in their mother tongue. Absolutely we need enough time to practice to improve our abilities paticulary if it related to language. If I write these sentences in japanese, I guess I could have already achieved 3 or more paragraphs during this time.

Hard is interesting

I believe this practice will bring me some hope to expand my world in terms of, getting opportunities to acquire a highly paid job, like well known IT company in Silicon Valley or the most crowded city in the world, Tokyo. I'm kidding, no I'm not kidding... . I mean for I was born in Japan where great culture and advanced economy are flourished at least 20 years ago, and I somewhat got well education and have an ambition to get more opportunities to make sure I could save myself If bad things falls upon me, I think it is the most valuable investment for me to get familiar with another language, for the earth is so large that I believe I can get better life somewhere else on the earth or not on the earth if I have good language skills. If i could take such an action in practice, I guess I could have make living in Japan sufficiently well though.

Please help me

If I'm honest with me, I have to make a plan to continue this writing habit because it is so time-consuming and deprive me of much energy. My plan so far is to use iPad to lower hurdle to open text editor and start to write. It is, really really difficult to write a blog in English, I recognized once again. I hope you to keep an eye on me if I escaped from THIS!